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KBC Lottery Whatsapp Froud

This my massege to my all FAN’S that KBC Lottery company never sends whatsapp messages and Photos on whatsapp for KBC Lottery Game Show and KBC LOTTERY LUCKY DRAW or KBC ALL INDIA LOTTERY.

सबसे पहले मेरे सभी प्रशंसक इस वीडियो को देखें

वे लोग कौन हैं?

KBC Lottery game show is wolrd class and Indian First TV game show.That presented on SONYTV. Lots of our peoples and most of PKAISTANI’S,are using KBC FAKE WEBSITES and making this froud with our customers.So we have lunched our official website we are on our way to stop them.

कैसे पता करें कि वेबसाइट नकली है या असली?

There are limitless website and countless numbers of these fake KBC websites but there is a way to recognize them and that is there DOMIAN NAME 

What is DOMAIN.

Now how to find website is real or fake.

KBC Official Website

This is the KBC official website real domain name and in the last  (.INis INDIAN extension sothis the way to find its real or fake.

The Extended family of Amitabh Bachchan For KBC.

This is KBC Lottery Family and we are here togather for everyone who wants to play KBC game show with us.

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